Nail and Beauty Treatment

In the lead up to your special day or the day/night before why not take time out to celebrate and relax with your bridal party by enjoying a full day or half a day of pampering.

These services is also available for local customer.

We specialise in:

Brow Sculpture

False Lashes

Lash / Brow Tints

Shellac Nails

Gel Nails

Foil Nails

Manicure & Pedicure


Hand, Foot & Head Massage


* All our treatment is offer for men and women

* Booking by appointment only

* All services are available at our Salon

* Some services are available Mobile (at your place or hotel)



Have you just had your eyebrows done and still not satisfied?

Have you been looking at your eyebrows knowing they are not quite right but never new what to do about it?

have you been craving those perfect eyebrows but didn’t know how or if it was possible?

Here at Simply Elegant Beauty Studio you can sit back and relax and let our brow expert Vivianne transform your face with those perfect eyebrows you have been searching for.

She can transform your overall appearance by correcting and creating your perfect eyebrows.

Sculpting eyebrow has such a great impact on the overall appearance and balance of the face.  Let Vivianne transform you and be amazed!

She will create a brow shape that is right for your face and work with the type of eyebrow you have, whether it is light, medium or full.

Tinting is also an excellent effective alternative for those who are allergic or intolerant to the use of mascara or eyeliners but value the look of semi-permanent enhancement of the eyes and eyebrows.

Eyebrow Lifting / Shaping / Sculpture $90 (First time or Full brows),  $45 (return customer within 6 weeks)

A consultation with our brow artist, brow shaping using was, tweeze and alignment process and minium eye makeup.

Eyebrow Custom Colour $25 (Extra)

A consultation with our brow artist, brow shaping using was, tweeze and alignment process, custom blended colours for your brow and minimal eyes makeup.

Brow Lightening from $35 – $75 (Pricing Vary – depend on how many shade lighter)


Lash Shaping – Pain free
* FREE for all makeup application.
* This pain free treatment last about 1- 2 weeks
Contact Vivianne for more details


Eyelash Colour  (Tint)   $35
False Lashes    $25

EUROPEAN FACIAL – The Guerlain Skin Care.

A facial can be considered a vital step towards healthy skin and can help you maintain youthful, healthy looking skin. For all our facial treatments we use one of the world’s top luxury skin care range that has been around Paris over 180 years.

“Since 1828, Guerlain has devoted itself to the art of skincare and beauty. Its founder,

Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, a renowned chemist, used raw materials to create precious beauty potions, always driven by one passion: the search for excellence. Today, Guerlain Research continues this quest for perfection by creating outstanding skincare – products of a unique alchemy that combine the most noble, rare and active natural ingredients. Like precious jewels, every beautifully crafted jar encases the efficacy and refinement of carefully formulated and delicately perfumed textures, rendering each a true sensory treasure. Guerlain facial treatments offer the dual benefit of cutting edge skincare and an exclusive therapy technique. ”

Purifying Facial Treatment (60 minutes) $120.00, (90minutes) $150.00

Achieve a fresh, clear and radiant complextion.  This deep cleansing purifying facial is specially designed for oily, combination, or blemished skin types.

  • Age from 16 + ( lady or men)


  • Deep cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Face massage
  • Neck, Shoulder, Décolletages massage
  • Purifying mask
  • Blemish control on problem area – Issima Crème Camphrea
  • Eye cream to suit skin types
  • Face cream to suit skin types

* Guerlain Products use in this facial is retails over $400


Relaxing Facial Treatment (60 minutes) $120,  (90minutes) $150.00

A luxurious, relaxing facial treatment for all skin types.

  • Age from 16 + ( lady or men)


  • Deep Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Face massage
  • Hand massage (included in 90minutes)
  • Neck, Shoulder, Décolletages massage
  • Mask to suit skin types
  • Eye cream
  • Neck cream
  • Serum and face cream to suit skin types

Guerlain Products use in this facial is retails over $1000 Aust.


Anti Ageing / Exceptional Imperial Facial Treatment (90 minutes) $185.00

Slow down the signs of ageing and restore your skin’s youthful radiance with this relaxing anti-ageing treatment. This luxurious facial treatment relies on the extraordinary anti-ageing action of the Guerlain Exceptional Complete Care with exceptional result against all sign of ageing.  This treatment is also great for people with pigmentation.

  • Age from 30 + ( lady or men)


  • Deep Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Face massage 
  • Neck, Shoulder, Décolletages massage
  • Stress relieving head massage
  • Anti-ageing peel off mask
  • Success future regenerating toner
  • Aqua eye serum
  • Orchidée Imperial eye & lip cream
  • Orchidée Imperial serum
  • Orchidée Imperial face cream or Fluid
  • Success Future neck & Décolleté serum – wrinkle minimizer firming
  • Substantific Neck and Décolleté  cream, SPF 10
  • Hand Massage
  • Aqua Hand Cream

* Guerlain Products use in this facial is retails over $2000 Aust.


Radiant Back Treatment / Backcial (60 minutes) $120.00

Don’t put up with a pimply, congested back. It’s Like a facial for your back; this relaxing backcial will help deep cleansing the back.

  • Age from 16 + ( lady or men)


  • Deep cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Extractions
  • Massage
  • Mask
  • Guerlain Issima Crème Camphrea – Anti Blemish Care
  • Guerlain body moisturiser

Eye Contour Treatment $45.00

An eye massage will relax and clear the eyes and improve blood circulation. This is followed by a Guerlain eye mask to give an instantaneous smoothing effect for wrinkles and fine lines, and then finished with an eye cream to suit all skin types.

  • Eye massage
  • Guerlain Eye mask
  • Guerlain eye serum
  • Guerlain eye cream



Hydrating Hand Massage   $19

Stress Relieve Foot Massage   $29

Stress Relieve Head Massage   $25

Stress Relieve Head Massage and Head Reiki $50


* For lady or men

Polish only     $10
Buff, Shape and Polish – 20minutes     $18
Mini Manicure – 30 minutes   $26
Manicure (Buff, shape, exfoliate, massage, polish) – 45 minutes  $32
Hand Hydrating/Detox Mask    Extra $10
French Polish     Extra $10


*  For lady or men

Polish Only   $10
Buff and Polish (25 minutes) $25
Mini Pedicure – 40 minutes    $35
Spa Pedicure  (Buff, shape, exfoliate, massage, polish)    60 minutes   $45
Foot Hydrating/Detox Mask      Extra $10
Extra 20mins Foot Massage    Extra $20
French Polish   Extra $10

Gel Toes Extra $20


* Age 12 and under

Manicure    $20
Spa Pedicure    $25
Polish only   $10


Minx like Foil nails: Full hand natural nails overlay $55.00

Minx like Foil nails: Toes nails overlay $55

* You can purchase the foil nail – “Do it yourself $15″  at our salon or view the products online.  CLICK HERE



Shellac is the brand name for a new, patent pending nail product created by Creative Nail Design. It is a hybrid, meaning half nail polish, half gel.

The product is thin and strong enough to be applied similarly to nail polish, but it is cured in a way that gives it great flexibility and durability. It also has the incredible shine associated only with gel nails.


Shellac nails (colours)  $45

Shellac nails Inc Manicure + Massage   $72

Shellac Toes $40

Shellac Toes Inc Spa Pedicure + Massage $80

French extra $10


Who is Shellac best suited for? Shellac is for people who want to maintain natural nails. The formulation looks as good from day 1 to day 14, but does not appear to damage nail beds. (see photos)

Who is Shellac least suited for? Those looking to lengthen their nails. You cannot use Shellac to create a longer nail. Also, Sellac isn’t for clients with extremely damaged nail beds, split or peeling nails. It is best to get on a corrective program with your manicurist before thinking about Shellac. If your nail is peeling off, it will take Shellac with it.

How is Shellac different from the traditional polish manicure?

Typical nail polish dries by evaporation, which means your manicure is not cured until 2-3 hours after your service. Think about it – most of your manicure time is spent waiting for polish to dry.

But Shellac is cured by UV light, and within minutes. Your nails are completely dry by the time your manicure is over, and strong enough to withstand accidental knocks. It acts like a plasticized coating, suitable as a long lasting polish.

How is a Shellac service different from traditional nail enhancements (fake nails)? Drills are never used or needed with Shellac, and removal does not leave nails dry, thin, possibly torn



Gel Nails are like a gel (as in one you would put in your hair) and they cure (go hard) under a UV lamp. You can have French, clear, or coloured and they are applied over the natural nail without damaging the nail plate. Gel Nails will look more natural than acrylic as they aren’t so thick and they are super shiny.

IBD Soak Off Gels -  For clients who can’t seem to grow their nails or just want a once off for a special occasion. Easy on the natural nails as well as ensuring that no damage is done to the underlying nail bed.  This Gel not only to promote the growth but can also be quickly and easy removed without damage to the natural nail.

Full Set Gel Nails (Clear tip,  french tip) , with Mini Manicure $65
Full Set Gel Nails with Manicure    $72
Full Set Natural overlays clear with Mini Manicure $50
Full Set Natural overlays clear with Manicure   $56
Full Set Natural overlays colour with Mini Manicure $59
Full Set Natural Overlays colour  with Manicure   $65
Refills clear overlay with Mini Manicure $45
Refills colour overlay with Mini Manicure $55
Refills French $60
Repair  (each nail) $7
Removal only / Soak Off   $35
Removal and mini manicure   $45
Gel Toes overlays (clear or colours) with Mini Pedicure $50
Gel toes over lay and Spa Pedicure   $65


For body wax, please contact Vivianne for pricing.


Vouchers are the best present! Ideal present for friends, family and loved ones.

Perfect for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Birthdays.

Contact us for more information.


Booking by appointment only

* All services are available at the Salon.

* Some services are available Mobile (your place or hotel). Please contact Vivianne for quote.