WINNER Sydney International Beauty & Spa Expo Makeup Comeptition (Runway & Editorial) - August 19, 2012

WINNER Sydney International Beauty and Spa Expo 2012

(Makeup Competition: Runway & Editorial)

Hi Guys,

I would like to share with you guys some of my latest achievements.  Last weekend (August 11th and 12th), I went to Sydney International Beauty and Spa Expo to enter in my makeup competition. I came 1st in both Runway and Editorial. Below is the images. I will have more information and photos about the competition within the next few days on my website.  Please visit my main website to read more about this.

Below link is also information on the competition that you could check out and see some of the behind the scenes photos.


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Brisbane Festival Campaign 2012 – Makeup & Hair by Vivianne Tran - July 13, 2012


This year has been a fun and  excited one for me, the Brisbane Festival team decided to use the crew in Brisbane to work on the festival 2012 campaign and I was asked to be part of this team to do hair and makeup.  It turn out to be on of the most amazing day and most creative project I have work on….


to view more photos and more of my commercial/advertising work



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2012 WINNER – International Makeup Artist Competition (1st Place for Fashion Categories) - June 4, 2012

2012 WINNER – International Makeup Artist Competition

(1st Place for Fashion Categories)

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share some great news…. I just found out today, that I have won 1st Place (jury votes)  for  the 2012 Global Makeup Artist Competition. The categories I enter this year was FASHION.


To view more photo from the competition and the behind the scene photos  please visit my main website at

Big thank you to the Amazing Team!!!!

Photographer: Nadia Masot
Model: Caroline Wilson
Makeup & Hair: Vivianne Tran

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Brisbane 2012 Project with Channel 9 – Hair and Makeup by Vivianne Tran - May 22, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work on one of Brisbane biggest project for 2012 at Channel 9 (Studio 2), I have some of behind the scenes to share with you all… Images and video will be post up when I have approval from the director.

It was a fantastic day… Meet so many talented people.

The studio was very big, this was my hair and makeup area…. It was a big project so I was prepare hehehe…. brought with me 5 makeup/hair cases, makeup high chair,  portable pop up makeup light box and portable table.  I was there an hour early and took me around 30mins to set up :)   packing up was long though hehehehe…..


This is the stylist area…. some amazing clothing she have bring to the shoot…

Channel 9 Video guys….

I will post the images once the project is completed.

Its very exciting but I can’t say anything more as yet!!!!


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Brisbane Indian Wedding Hair and Makeup (Dark Skin Makeup) - May 10, 2012




Last week was a massive week for me with 4 weddings book in.

I had Chinese  Wedding, Vietnamese/Korean Wedding, Indian Wedding and Western Wedding (Caucasian Bride)…..

All different skin tone from light to dark, different theme and different wedding dress…. It was an amazing week to experience the different culture weddings.

Below is one of the Bride (Salma), doesn’t she look stunning… (Hair & Makeup by me:  Vivianne Tran)

more photos to come soon…..

Me and my beautiful bride (Salma)


Hope you guys enjoy the blog and leave feed back so I know to do more blog :)


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Wedding Makeup Testimonial - May 8, 2012

Gold Coast Hair and Makeup BLOG



Wedding  Testimonial

Below is a testimonial send to Vivianne last week…. Vivianne was very happy and wanted to share with you guy ! ! !




























Re:         Reference for Vivianne Tran

I originally met Vivianne in 2010 when I was seeking help with skin pigmentation issues to my face.  I went to a one-on-one makeup application workshop at Vivianne’s studio where she taught me how to conceal the pigmentation, surprisingly using less makeup than I had previously.

Then, 18 months later I needed a makeup artist for my wedding.  Due to logistics, I consulted a local makeup artist, but they did not understand skin tone and were unable to achieve a natural look.  Fortunately, Vivianne was able to come to my home on the Gold Coast to do my makeup and my sister’s (bridesmaid).

Vivianne asks for a picture of the look you’d like to achieve and a photo with your makeup applied in the usual way.  From this, she can create the look you want but in the way you like to wear it.  So often when getting makeup done, once the makeup artist leaves, you change it to the way you like it.  Vivianne doesn’t do this, she creates a result that still looks like you, only a flawless version.

My sister doesn’t wear makeup at all as she suffers from eczema and makeup makes her dry skin worse.  Vivianne took the time to go through this with her, ask questions, try different products and make her feel comfortable in the makeup, ensuring it suited her skin type.  Luckily, she had her makeup done first on the day, because she spent the next hour in front of the mirror admiring her new beauty!

My wedding photos were beautiful and even on the highest resolution, my skin looked flawless and no pigmentation could be seen.  The look Vivianne created was elegant and natural at the same time.  Vivianne is an exceptional makeup artist.  Whether you need help with applying your current makeup, finding new makeup techniques or if you have an event that you want to look perfect, Vivianne will make you look beautiful. 

Thank you, Vivianne

Michelle Healy



Below are the images Michelle and her sister on the wedding day…..








































































































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up-do, half up, down style, messy bun, vintage, retro, pinup, 1920…

This page have over 250 HAIR STYLE SAMPLES you could view all  in one page below for weddings and formal or special occasion updo ect… Vintage, Half Up Half Down, Braided Up Do, Messy Bun, 1920 Finger curls, All down, Side bun, Classic Up Do, Pin Up….

Do you find its hard to find that perfect hair style for your wedding, formal or just for that special occasion?

Do you have an idea in mind of the hair your like but can’t seem to find a sample to show your hairstylist?

Been searching for sample for wedding hairstyle, formal hairstyle but haven’t found one you like yet??

Are you looking for different hairstyle sample for your wedding day?

if you answer yes to those questions this blog is for you.


Vivianne has been doing research for a while to put together for you guys samples of different hairstyles for that perfect occasion.

The images on the sample page are research Vivianne has found from the Google images so she hope it will give you guys an ideas of the style you had in mind and hopefully found your dream hair you have been searching for.   As a hairstylist for many years Vivianne  found that most of her clients has  found it very hard to choose a hairstyle to suit their style, theme, face shape or even found one that they like…. Sometime they have one in mind but don’t know the term to search on the google or where to find the sample images.


When looking for hairstyle samples, try to look for someone with similar face shape, that way you will know if you suit the hairstyle they have…. . 

For Vivianne clients;   don’t worry too much about your hair length, at the trial on on the special day Vivianne can add clip in hair extension to create any style or pre make any hair pieces in advance.  She have most colour avaliable at her studio at an affordable price.  Vivianne can do any hairstyle style from simple to fantasy hair.  You can see more of her work under wedding gallery or on her main website at  under portfolio.

From experience Vivianne  has found that clip in hair extension will be easy to style and we can add them to any area,  the tape or other type of semi permanent hair extension is good for all down style but for up styling or half up it can some time restrict on a number of style that we as a stylist can do.  Always check with your hairstylist before getting semi permanent hair extension in just in case the hairstyle you like she/he won’t be able to do for you with the hair extension in.

For your wedding hair, choose your best style that complement your face shape… even if its a style that you normally do, the ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day so you want to look and feel your best, you also want to have a makeup and hair that you know your future husband will like as well…. looking different doesn’t always mean good,  some people are lucky their face shape suited most style.   Your personal hairstylist for the wedding should be able to work out what hairstyle suit you best……


When choosing hairstyles, most time you can pick the back of one hairstyle sample and front of another and your hairstylist will be able to help you to match it together.


For bridesmaids hairstyle, if you have two or more bridesmaid make sure you have all up or all down. The fringe can be different to suit each person face shape but if you have them all up or all down it will look better in the photos.  Just imagine, you as the bride is the performer/star/singer, and the bridesmaids is the back up dancer, so it doesn’t matter what hair colour or hair length they are its best to choose hairstyle which are similar so they don’t stand out in the photos.  If they are having same colour style dresses and colour why aren’t their hair similar.


From the style your like (up or down), your face shape, hair length, your gown, and theme…. your hairstylist should be able to work out what hairstylist suited you best.






(sample images from Google search)

Loose hairstyle has been very popular in the pass 5 years.  This hairstyle is perfect for those who don’t like the tight slick back but still like their hair up. Most time this hairstyle won’t give you headache….

The style has a  cute, modern, elegant and relax look, you won’t look too done up.

This style is also good for red carpet, balls, weddings, formals ect…. you can dress up or down with hair accessories, and jewellery.

The messy bun is great for bridesmaids, formal or special occasion.  Simple, cute and elegant.





























Braided hair has been quite popular in the pass few years, This is more a cute style.


























(Images from Google search)

This is a clean smooth classic hairstyles that suit a classic bride.  It can be anything from a classic bun to an extravagant style.





















This hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for any occasion for all ages.

Timeless hair that won’t be out of fashion.  if you are unsure if you are over dress or under dress this hair will be perfect.  Elegant and timeless….






















Vintage hair has been one of the hardest hairstyle to search for sample as they comes in all different type from classic to modern.  Depend on your face shape not all vintage hairstyle will suit everyone.

Having a vintage wedding theme does not mean you have to have the 1920 hairstyle.  It can be a mix of loose back bun or curls to suit your face shape.












































This is a classy style. You don’t always have to have wave and curls to have a formal hairstyle.  Sometime simple is more, and always remember choose a hairstyle that suit your face shape.























This is a very sexy style for wedding and formal.  Its simple but yet elegant.   This is a classic style again. Natural eyes makeup with this hairstyle will make you look simple and beautiful and elegant. however smokey eyes makeup is a more seductive/ sexy look.





















half up half down is popular for most wedding, it one of the hairstyle that suited more face shape….


you can choose to have high volume on top or just little volume.  It can also be soft loose or smooth clean look for very formal event.






















































Half up side up do is also have been very popular, good for people with around face shape.  Elegant style for any occasion.
























Hairstylist for ADORNE Fashion Accessories Campaign

Early this year I had a wonderful time working with a great team on a campaign at Sanctuary Cove, in Hope Island.   Adorne manager contacted and book me in to do hair for the beautiful model from Dallys Model Agency  .  We got through quite a few looks and everyone  had a wonderful time.

For anyone who don’t know Adorne:  Adorne is a vibrant fashion accessories brand that has a deep and established presence throughout Australia. With hundreds of stockists nationally and 4 Brisbane retail stores to help us deliver our vision of style, versatility and affordability.  Products included: Necklaces, bracelets, bangles, cuffs, rings, brooches, bags, clutches, headwear, scarves, gloves and so much more!

to view Vivianne work for Adorne winter campaign please visit Vivianne main website for commercial work.

There are also behind the scene video…


below is a sneak peak to the images on Vivianne main website.


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happiness is…… - April 30, 2012


guaranteed to light up everyone face to which it is exposed. A luminous celebration of everything that make life worth living. I love it.”  By Bradley Trevor Greive (International Best-selling Author of THE BLUE DAY BOOK)


what is happiness











Image from Google:


Happiness can mean different things to different people.  It could mean any of these; Hope, joy, love, companions, innocence, freedom, passion, spirituality…

Most of us search all our life to look for happiness, why am I not happy, why can’t I be as good as her/him, why don’t I have that? Why??? Why??? and don’t realize that happiness could be a simple thing they do every day and not realizing it….


This might seem obvious-why we wanted to be happy, but the implication are greater than what we think.

Research has shown that healthier people-not only mentally, but also physically.  Positive thinking is just one of the way we can do if we want to increase our happiness.

Instead of being negative and feel sad and wonder why why why??? If we just think of what is importance in life that would effect us if it was taken away from us suddenly without warning, what would make us feel sad if it wasn’t there tomorrow?  It doesn’t have to be the thing that would make us laugh crazy, it can be something very simple….


When I am down, I try to switch off and I just think that I’m happy that I am alive, breathing, walking, touching, seeing thing and most importance that I am not in the hospital.  Simple things such as our vision, been able to see everything around us should be enough to make us happy….  This might sound normal but not everyone in the world has this opportunity….

We should try to control our temper or should I call it reaction.  We don’t like our partner or family member to yell at us or talk to us in a mean way so why should we do the same to them.  Its always easy to say then do because I notice most time its just our reaction so most of us can’t control our temper at the time it happen…. Most of us can relate to what I just said above but I have to say I have come across a few that doesn’t care so no matter how nice we talk or try to be they won’t treat us right, when this happen you should know that you deserve better friends or partner.  Unless you are happy with yourself you won’t find true happiness. Once you find the inner happiness, your present will make other happy to be around you….

When I think back of thing that happen in my life, I noticed that every journey we have come across with friend or partner we have learn something (at the time we might not don’t see it) but once I am out and my head is clear I can see it.   Good things do come for those who are patient and happy with themselves.   If you already got wonderful friends and family/partner make sure you always show them you care and love them.  Keep always or spend less time with the people who are negative as they will drain out your energy… I have friends who are very successful but every time we see them they always complain, they seem to not be happy with anything they have achieve, they always have a negative excuse for everything and waiting everyone to feel sorry for them.  When you around positive people you will feel positive and give you more happy energy.


“ When one door of happiness closes, another opens: but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”  (Helen Keller).   I love this quote…..

What is everyone thought of happiness???

If you spend some time and write down what make you happy in life at present, and read to yourself when you wake up this will give you more energy through out the day….


Below are some of other people thought that I found in the book and I would like to share with you all.  The book call “happiness is” by Lisa Messenger (Project with Kids Help Line)


happiness is…..being with my friends. (Talia @ Chapel Hill, QLD)

happiness is….love, family, friends, my dogs and bicycle and being lucky enough to things. Happiness is the only real thing I strive for in life!  (Jessica @ Newtown, NSW)

happiness is….. a warm, energizing feeling that makes you smile, laugh and feel wonderful within yourself.  Its is a state of mind that can be chosen.  To choose to feel happy is a good thing to achieve in life.  (Janette and Tass @ Aspendale Garden, VIC)

happiness is…waking up in the morning and looking forward to the day ahead. (Vikki @ Elanore Height NSW)

happiness is… a fulfilling job, good friends, laughs, music, opportunity to travel and looking forward to good times ahead. (Brett @ Mosman, NSW)

happiness is….. Self-acceptance (Ben @ Rouse Hill, NSW)

happiness is…. As I get older, my life increasingly become more complex – what makes me most happy these day are the simple pleasures – time with friends and loved ones, good cooking, great surf and strong yoga! Come to think of it, it’s always been that way – I guess a return to simplicity is where it’s at. (Gabriel @ Paddington, NSW)

Happiness is…Being loved by someone who you love just as much. Sitting with your back against a eucalypt with the sun on your face.  Diving bebeath the waves, letting the ocean wash away your tears (Nanette @ Scarborough, NSW)

Happiness is….. follow your dreams and apprieciae what you have because happiness is free.  And always remember that all people smile in the same language. (Sean @ Pymont, NSW)

Happiness is…. Laughter and making people laugh. Enjoying everything and always looking for the best in anything. (Max and Gerry @ Gladesville, NSW)

 Happiness is…. Doing what I love most which is sharing my music with people and making people happy through my music. (Hayley @ Lake Munmorah, NSW)

Happiness is…. Finding your soulmate and every subsequent second spent together (Saul @ Currently Living in London, UK)

Happiness is… the freedom and explore and experience the beauty and wonder of nature. (Nadene @ Centennial Parl, NSW)

Happiness is….. spending time with my wife and son, After twelve ears of marriage, our baby son is the great joy of our life. (John @ Bilgola, NSW)

Happiness is….. knowing that you are free to be who you want, say what you feel and go where you please, To be free is to be truly happy. (Roza @ Edgecliff, NSW)

Happiness is…. Having a family and friends who love you and treat you well and just accept who you are and let you enjoy life.  (Emma @ Taringa, QLD)


Now my turn…..For me happiness is….

When I see a big smile and hear a thank you from my clients, to know that I have made them feel beautiful….. getting hugs from my son and see him laugh. Spending time with my family and friends at lunch/dinner and talk nonsence.  (Vivianne Tran)



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WINNER Bodyography’s 2011 Makeup Artist of the Year Competition - December 19, 2011

Hi Everyone, Thank you for visiting my website….

Christmas is just a few days away and I wake up today like any other normal day. While I’m with a client I get a missed call at 11am but couldn’t call the number back until a bit later when I’d finished. Little did I know that Christmas was about to come early for me…

I knew the results of the Bodyography’s 2011 Makeup Artists of the Year Competition would be finalised on Sunday 18th but had no idea when it would actually be announced to the public. I was thinking about it all day Sunday but it didn’t cross my mind when I got up and went to work this morning.

I was both excited and nervous when I called Rob back (Bodyography Australia Managing Director). I wanted to know the result, but at the same time I wasn’t sure what to expect… he was so calm and asked me how my day and weekend was, and then he told me the great news that I was Bodyography’s 2011 Makeup Artists of the Year!

I went to Carindale Westfield to do a bit of Christmas shopping but all I did was walk around with a massive smile on my face, giggling like a young school girl. I was in la la land…  it was amazing!!!!  I hadn’t felt so giddy and high in a long time.  I felt like I was a kid in a candy store or toy world…. or a chocoholic in a chocolate factory!!!!

I want to say Thank You to the amazing team that made this happen for me.  The amazing photographer Geoff Francis and the awesome model Claire Raltson.   BIG THANK YOU TO YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Makeup & Hair:  Vivianne Tran

Photography:  Geoff Francis

Model: Claire Raltson

Continue Reading…

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