Bumpits – Hair Volumizing Insert

Perfect VOLUME and style, effortlessly in seconds!!

Bumpits self gripping leave -in volume and let you enjoy FEELING CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL, like you just stepped out of a professional salon!!


The set comes with a total of five pieces. The largest one is called Super Volume Rockstar Bumpit. Oh cool name! This one gives you a LOT of height, and probably isn’t one you would use often. There are two classic volume bumpits which you’ll probably get the most use from. You can even use two of them together to create other unique looks. The smallest are the two Princess Bumpits. These are for adding small bumps in your bangs. The set also includes a helpful instruction page to show you how to go about achieving different looks.


Bumpits – Big Happie Hair



Quite easy to use and takes only a minute to style your hair!

  • With thick or curly hair it works great with the bump it. You can wear it down or clipped back on the sides and you can’t notice it in your hair.
  • You can use the bumpits size that’s best for you and even use a combination of them to create a different look.
  • There are four different shades so that they blend well in your hair.
  • It really stays in place and does not move around on your head even if you vigorously shake it around.
  • You can create so many more styles and you’re only limited by your imagination.
  • It’s a really trendy style right now that you can achieve with little cost and effort.
  • Saves you time having to tease your hair to create volume.